Thursday, October 23, 2008

Henthorn Genealogy Website Downloaded

Yesterday I worked most of the day downloading all of the webpages I'd uploaded to my free AOL webspace. I put all of the files on a thumb drive that I bought for this purpose. Completing this project insured that I have a copy of everything on a device that I can move from one computer to another.

After my genealogy website is discontinued at the end of the month I will still be able to retrieve and share any of the information that someone might request. Also, I'll be able to put any of the files, I choose, back on the Internet should I decide that's something I want to do.

I've thought of one more project that I need to accomplish. There is a link from a Monroe County, Ohio webpage to a document that I've made available on my webspace for many years. That link will break at the end of the month. Today I'm trying to make contact with the person responsible for the page with the link. I'm not having much luck. I tried a couple of Email addresses and they were out of date.

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