Sunday, July 6, 2008

Search Engines

Google isn't the only search engine on the Internet. You might want to try some of the others. The results are quite different. Some search other search engines. Try using the same search words with several different search engines to see what I'm talking about.

Here's an article about search engines followed by HotLinks to some of them that I have tried.

If you find any good genealogy sites about any of our common interests send me an Email with a short description of what you found. I can post the information to the Website News.

Major Search Engines and Directories Home Page


Clusty the Clustering Engine

Dogpile Web Search Home Page

Excite - Web Search Home Page



HotBot Web Search

LookSmart - Home


MetaCrawler Web Search Home Page - MetaCrawler

Netscape Search

Open Directory Project -ODP

Search the Web with AOL


Cemeteries and Cemetery Records

Live Search - MSN

Free People Search by ZabaSearch!

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