Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Broken Links

Photo: Mr. Dickie (Longwood Gardens, PA)

On the homepage of my website, near the bottom, there's a button labeled "Links". This button takes visitors to a page with buttons to webpages created and maintained by others. Yesterday I did one of my periodic, and very infrequent, checks to see if these links are working. To my dismay, after only a few minutes, I found seven that weren't working. Then I got bored with the process and didn't check all of the links. Instead I went off to do something else.

Using Google I was able to find new URLs for two of the seven that didn't work.

The whole process is tedious and time consuming. Because this often happens when links to the webpages of others are shared one has to be welling to put in the time to do the necessary periodic maintenance.

I've never had any luck getting any help with the task. By this I mean that I don't ever remember any visitor to my website sending me an Email to let me know they found a bad link. I'd appreciate any help I can get with website maintenance issues and also with website proof reading.

Also, if you find a particularly useful website pertaining to one of the surnames that are featured on my webpages I'll consider adding a link to that information if you send the URL in an Email.

The purpose of this message is to let visitors know that I am aware of the problem with the Links page and that I intend to work on the project to insure that all of the links work. I make no promise as to when I'll have the work completed.

Thank you for your patience.

Mr. Dickie

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