Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cornelius Atkinson - Frontier Ranger

In June of 1950 a four page article (pages 123-127) titled, Cornelius Atkinson - Frontier Ranger was published in The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine (Vol. XIII, 5) by Atkinson descendant, William C. Hudson. The article consisted of two pages of textual information and three pages of genealogy descendant chart. There were five numbered citations in the article. Unfortunately the citations themselves were lost. In January 1996 researcher Professor Raymond Bell shared this article with me. Recently, in July 2008, I reviewed the article and decided I'd like to share it on the Internet.

To make a document that I could share I rekeyed all five pages. I entered the information into my genealogy program, RootsMagic. The textual information, which was on the first two-plus pages of the original article, was included in the notes of the appropriate individuals. I also wrote several paragraphs in the note fields when I wanted to comment on something in the orginial piece. I did resist the temptation to add additional information. My goal wasn't to create an updated Atkinson genealogy. Rather, I wanted to share the information from the original article in a format which uses more pages and which lends itself to publication on my website.

I selected a numbering system (D'Aboville (indented)) similar to the one used by Mr. Hudson in his article.

I hope readers will be pleased with the result. Anyone working on the Atkinson family of Monroe County, Ohio owes William C. Hudson a debt of gratitude.

As of Sep 2009 you will have to ask me about this document. It isn't available on the Internet.

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