Thursday, June 19, 2008

Laptop Computer Issues

I'm using a Dell Latitude laptop and a phone line for my connection to the Internet and to AOL. Last night I experienced two problems with the computer that I don't understand. Both locked up the computer. Even though I was getting the power from the wall outlet I wasn't able to shutdown the computer when I disconnected from the power. I had enough bad experiences with personal computers to know that this is no doubt just a signal of bigger problems to come.

If you don't see me online in the AOL genealogy chatroom and there are infrequent postings to my various Blogs please rest assured, if this happens soon, that I am not ill. I'll just be back in the same situation I've been in before, no working computers in the house. When this happened before I used the computers at the public library for many months. I'm hopeful that won't be necessary.

Dick Henthorn

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