Monday, June 16, 2008

Henthorn Website Group

HOn the evening of 16 June 2008 I created the Henthorn Website Group on The purpose of this Group is to provide a place where visitors to my Henthorn genealogy website can communicate with each other.

If you've been visiting my AOL genealogy website in the last few months you've probably noticed that I'm trying to make the website more interesting by trying news ways to quickly post information. The idea is to avoid creating webpages that require lots of my time to generate.

I'm aware that some genealogy website offer "guestbooks" where visitors can post their comments. After looking at many guestbooks I began to wonder if there might be another way to get visitors involved actively when they visit the website.

I have a hunch that using a free Group may serve the purpose. Of course, we won't know until we try it. And, it won't work unless visitors are interested enough to join the group and then post messages from time to time.

To get started I'm announcing the formation of the Group with this message in Henthorn Website News. I'll include the hotlink to the Group below. Later, once I'm sure I have things set up properly I'll add a link on the website homepage.

HenthornWebsite | Google Groups

Your comments are solicited. You can Email me directly, you can post to the Group and you can Email from the Group site.

Dick Henthorn

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