Thursday, November 5, 2015

What Is a Box Collaborator?

As part of my current project to review and improve what I know about managing a Box account I'm posting some information to my genealogy blog.  The following information was selected from Box help information and modified for posting here.

What is a Collaborator? 
A collaborator is an individual who has been invited into a folder. Collaboration invitations are a great way to share content for long term projects. Collaboration allows the Box account owner to invite people to a folder and monitor updates over time. In order to access a folder as a collaborator, a person needs a Box account and the folder will be listed under All Files when they log in to their Box account. If you send a collaboration invitation to a person without a Box account, that person will be prompted to sign up with Box before being able to access the content.
[Note: Until November 2015 my Box account was a starter "free" account.]

Who Should Become a Collaborator?
Box account holder would invite an individual into a folder as a collaborator if the account holder and the collaborator are actively working together on long-term projects. Collaboration provides a two-way relationship; depending on the access level granted, collaborators can view, edit, upload/download documents, leverage collaboration tools (comments, tasks, etc.), and receive updates on actions taking place in the folder. 

Folder collaborators need a Box account.  If a Box account holder sends a collaboration invitation to an individual without a Box account, that individual will be prompted to sign up with Box before being able to access the content.

Dick Henthorn
5 November 2015

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