Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Earl Carson - Baker Researcher

Yesterday I created a 26-page ancestor report in PDF format for deceased Baker researcher, Earl Carson and his wife. They had no issue. The report shows where I think Mr. Carson fits into the Baker family tree. Researcher Valerie Kramer reported that he worked on genealogy for 40 years and never published anything. Pity!
The report starts with a non-existent person called, Place Holder. I used this technique in order to include the wife of Mr. Carson in the report. If she had an ancestral line in my file they would thusly be included. After the report is created I "unlink" Place Holder from the parents, but leave the record in my genealogy file waiting for the next time I need it.

The report was uploaded to my "secret" Henthorn Genealogy area on Facebook where it is available for viewing and download to members of the group. If you aren't a member, and want to be included, contact me to apply for membership.

Dick Henthorn
3 November 2015

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