Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rule18 - Clipboard Loader

I use some snippets of text over and over in the Notes of my genealogy files.  I needed a clipboard loader program that would allow me to load archived snippets into the Windows7 clipboard.

I found a free program called, Rule18 which I've been using for months. You can create any number of snippet files with many snippets within each file.  For example, you could have a file with snippets you use when working on your genealogy and another file for snippets you use when working on your organization's newsletter.

I load the program when I start working on genealogy and leave it running in the background. I load the genealogy snippet file at start-up. Then any snippet in that file can be loaded to the Windows clipboard with the assigned hotkeys.  I have an icon for the program in the tool tray at the bottom of the screen.  This allows me to pop the program onto the screen when I can't remember what hotkeys I assigned to a particular snippet.

At first I used CTRL + n  (where "n" is a digit from 1-9) as my hotkeys.  Later, I added CTRL + A (where "A" is one of the letters of the alphabet.  I don't remember why I used capital letters.)  I couldn't make the ALT hotkeys work.

Rule18 is a clipboard assistant focused for presenters but can be used by anyone who needs snippets of text to be copied into the Windows clipboard at the press of a specific hotkey. No more copy/paste from notepad!
It is developed in C# using Visual Studio 2010.

If you have any questions I'll try to help.

Dick Henthorn
26 August 2014

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