Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ralph Higginbotham, Sr. and Mary Henthorn

Ralph Higginbotham, Sr. and Mary Henthorn

There is a link from the Higginbotham and Henthorn families to the Ice family. This couple had daughters, Margaret and Mary.  They both married William Galloway "Indian Billy" Ice.  He was also married a third time.

I am sharing a four-generation (9-page) Descendant List for Ralph Higginbotham, Sr. and Mary Henthorn, in the PDF format, which summarizes what is known about the descendants in this family. The PDF is stored on my Box account.

If you know anything about the members of these three families and are willing to share, I'd appreciate it.

Dick Henthorn
31 August 2014

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Tracy said...

Ralph Higginbotham and Mary Henthorn's daughter Mary Higginbotham was married to Thomas Scott and you have him dying before 1779. This cannot be correct as he has deed and property transfers between Thomas/Mary and Indian Billy and Margaret in 1797 delivered to Thomas in 1800, and again Thomas/Mary to Ezekiel Ashcraft in 1800 and delivered in 1803. Also this lends to the obvious conclusion that Mary didn't then marry a McMillin or McMullen and then marry Indian Billy from 1800 to 1802 Let me know what you think about this.