Saturday, February 19, 2011

Salvaging My Genealogy Work

When AOL dropped free website support at the end of 2008 it was a disaster as far as sharing my genealogy information was concerned. Since then I have tried several other ways to share. I created two Google blogs: Henthorn Genealogy News and Henthorn Genealogy Obits. More recently I opened an account on where I share information in MyBox with collaborators to whom I grant access. The blogs are public and MyBox is by invitation only.

I came up with a way to salvage, and share, some of my genealogy data that's in HTML format. With minor modifications I can get it ready to upload to MyBox where my collaborators can download and view the page with their own browser. I've tested the idea and found it works nicely with Firefox. It's like having a website that can only be viewed by folks who have been granted access.

To test the idea I uploaded Seven Generations of Thomas and Elizabeth (Baskins) McCoy to the MonroeCountyOhio folder on MyBox. Collaborators with access to this folder can test out how it works. When you have the McCoy.htm file name displayed on the screen don't click to preview the file. You can't see the entire webpage from the "preview."

  • Find the "down" arrow to the right of the file name.
  • Click on that arrow.
  • Next click on the "Download" line.
  • A dialog box pops up on the screen
  • "Save" the file on your computer, or
  • "View" the file with your browser.
If you have any problems understanding the steps let me know and I will try to help out.

Your feedback about your experience will be appreciated.

Mr. Dickie
19 Feb 2011

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