Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Johannas Yoho and Susanna Catherine Lau

Today I uploaded, YOHO1.HTM and YOHO2.HTM to MyBox on the

This is a two-part, four generation, descendant chart for the family of Johannas Yoho and Susanna Catherine Lau in the HTML format, suitable for download and viewing with your web browser. There are approximately 24 pages in Part One and 9 pages in Part Two, if you decide to print the report.

To download click on the "Down" arrow at the right of the file information. Then click on the "Download" button. Don't use the "preview" function because it doesn't work as well.

For many years this webpage was available on my AOL website. After making a few changes I'm happy to be able to make it available again to those who have access to the appropriate folders on MyBox.

The file resides in the Yoho folder which is one of the folders in the Marshall-Wetzel-WV folder on MyBox.

Mr. Dickie
23 Feb 2011

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