Sunday, February 13, 2011

Place Name Order

Place Name Order

Here's how I entered cemetery names in my genealogy records.

City/Town Name, County Name followed by "Co.," State Abbreviation, Cemetery Name

You might ask the question, "Why did you enter the cemetery name last, rather than first?" The reason I do this is because in a sorted place name list I want to see the names of all of the cemeteries in a particular geographic location together in the list.

For example in my Conger file, in the case of Cameron, Ohio, I used four place names. Here's how they look in a sorted place name listing.

Cameron, Monroe Co., OH
Cameron, Monroe Co., OH, Atkinson Cemetery
Cameron, Monroe Co., OH, New Cameron Cemetery
Cameron, Monroe Co., OH, Old Cameron Cemetery

Did I make my point? If I'd entered the cemetery names first the four place names would have appeared in the place name list in four different locations, in the "A," "C," "N," and "O" parts of the listing.

Mr. Dickie
13/Feb/2011 10:39

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