Saturday, April 15, 2017

Thinking About Posting Updates

Over the years I shared many genealogy reports on the Internet.  They are stored all over the place. That happened because I was curious about how different storage methods would work. You can use the sidebar links on this blog to find much of what I shared.

The quality of the report formats varies because, over time, the genealogy report capabilities improved.

This morning I've been thinking about the effort it would take to create updated versions of these reports and upload them again.  This thought came to mind because I found a report created by another researcher in January 2000.  I'm certain that this person is still working on genealogy because I find more current information posted on FindAGrave.

I didn't come to any conclusion about whether I want to address my own issue of reports created long ago. There is never a shortage of genealogy projects to undertake.

Dick Henthorn
15 Apr 2017

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