Saturday, April 22, 2017


I have a folder named Downloads on my computer.  By default this was where any file I downloaded to my computer was stored.  Overtime this hasn't worked out too well.  The folder filled with hundreds of files making it difficult to find things when I needed them.

My browser is Google Chrome.  That's where the path name to the Downloads folder was stored. After investigation I discovered that, in Google Chrome, under the place where I specified the path name to my download folder, there is a box where you can set a switch that tells the browser to ask for the name of the download folder each time you download a file.  This area of the browser controls is accessed via Settings.

I wanted another download folder where I could store genealogy files. I created a sub-folder, under Downloads, for the storage of genealogy articles and clippings that I named, Clippings. BTW, I think that Google Chrome remembers the name of the last folder used for downloading. That is to say, if I download to the Clippings folder and want the next download to go to the Downloads folder it will be necessary to tell the browser where to do the next download.

The path name to the new sub-folder looks like this:

Using the two folder names, I'll store routine files downloads in Downloads and the genealogy file downloads will be stored in Clippings. Using this path name arrangement it would be easy to create other sub-folders, under Downloads, if I wanted other folder categories besides Clippings.

Here's why understanding how to control where files download was of interest to me.  I follow several genealogy Groups on Facebook. Visitors to the Groups often post digital images of articles and newspaper clippings that are of interest to me. Some days more files are shared than I have time to process. Creating a folder for the specific purpose of storing these files makes it easier to locate the genealogy files when I am ready to work with the shared information.

Dick Henthorn
22 Apr 2017

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