Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mr. Dickie's Links

For several years I used a free service called, Delicious, to share links (URLs) to webpages that interested me. Another term for this process is, Bookmarking. Recently, much to my dismay, I discovered that Delicious had been shut down.

To resume bookmarking, that can be shared in the cloud, I have created a Google blog, called Mr. Dickie's Links.  I will not be restricting posts to the blog solely to genealogy.

If you visit the blog, use the sidebar on the left to help you find topics of interest. Scroll down to see links to the latest posts.  The topics are called "labels" by Google.  The number of characters available for labels with each post is two hundred.  The labels are what you see in the sidebar.  The labels I assign to a particular post appear at the bottom of the individual posts.  In the sidebar, if I have used a label more than once a count appears in parentheses after the label.  You can click on a label at the bottom of a post to display all posts in the blog where I have assigned that label or you can click on the label in the sidebar.

When I include a hot-link within a post it appears in blue on the screen. If you hover the mouse over a link, the color changes to orange.  Click on the click to view the page associated with the link.

BTW, I am open to suggestions for adding genealogy links to the blog.

Here's the link to:
Mr. Dickie's Links

Dick Henthorn
26 Mar 2017

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