Thursday, March 5, 2015


I've been making good use of the memorial posts that others have done on FindAGrave. I thank them for their efforts.

I've created a few Virtual Cemeteries and I have shared suggestions for corrections with some of the people who posted.

I haven't created any memorials myself.

I'm frustrated by the number of inconsistencies I'm finding in what folks post. I'm not sure yet what is causing so many problems to crop up.  My initial inclination is to blame the problems on the failure to proofread the work.

Checking three things would improve the quality of what's being posted.

  • The dates of birth and death posted at the top of the memorial with
  • Dates of birth and death listed in any shared obituary information with
  • Dates of birth and death shown on any tombstone photographs.
If there's a typo fix the problem.  If the dates come from various sources and you can't be certain which is correct, make a comment in the "text" to let your reader know that you are aware of the inconsistency.

Dick Henthorn
5 March 2015

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