Thursday, November 27, 2014

Henthorn Genealogy Group On Facebook

I recently posted a question on Facebook about whether I should create a Henthorn Genealogy group. The responses were positive.

Today I created a secret group called, Henthorn Genealogy. To get started FB suggested some possible members.  I asked "the other" Richard Henthorn to join because I know he has been working on Henthorn genealogy longer than me.

I think the group can serve several purposes:

  • 1) it will allow me to control which Facebook members can access my RootsMagic reports, 
  • 2) it will allow me to share reports from my genealogy files quickly, using the Files area, 
  • 3) it will allow members to post questions, comments and files about their own genealogy interests.

Everyone who has known me for a while probably is already aware that my genealogy interests are not limited to the Henthorn surname.  I chose to name the group Henthorn Genealogy because my surname is Henthorn and I'm interested in genealogy.  Some of the surnames I'm interested in include: Henthorn(e), Hinthorn(e), Yoho, Baker, Conger, Jennings, Watson, Ice, Higginbotham, Rine Carlson/Hagstrom.

This is a genealogy experiment.  Let's see if it is useful.

Dick Henthorn
27 November 2014

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