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Garner, Joshua

Joshua Garner

FATHER: Benoi Garner

BIRTH: Abt. 1781-1784, Pennsylvania
DEATH: 27 Jun 1867, Red House, Putnam Co., WV
BURIAL: Jun 1867, 18 Mile Creek, Putnam Co., WV, Old Bethel Cemetery

Problem: Was the date of birth, Abt. 1781 in PA or as listed by Eloyce Trader, 1784 in MA?

Problem:  Was the date of death: Oct 1867 or 27 Jun 1867.  Denver Yoho has it 27 Jun 1867.

Problem:  Joshua Garner appears on the Ancestral File more than once:  JGGV-KG, 1QDK-MD.

RESIDENCES-SPOUSE: Joshua Garner lived near Lynn Camp on Fish Creek Ohio/Marshall Co. VA/WV apparently on the farm of Mary "Polly" Yoho's father, Henry Yoho Sr. On 21 Feb 1828 Joshua and Polly bought the farm.  Polly died about 1851 and was buried on the farm which was at that time in Marshall Co., VA. In 1976, the farm was owned and operated by Hoy Crow, who lived there. Later Joshua lived in Putnam Co., WV.
(Source: The Parsons-Yoho Families and Allied Lines, Eloyce (Parsons) Trader, 1990. p. 11)

CENSUS: pg 31 Marshall Co 1840
Garner, Joshuway 50-60, wife 50-60, male 10-15, male 15-20, female 5-10,
female 10-15, 2 females 15-20, female 20-30

CENSUS: #326 Marshall Co 1850
Garner, Joshua 66 PA, Mary 63 VA, Mary Cake 10 VA, William Lytle 5 VA

MARRIAGE: Joshua Garner married 2nd, Hester (Workman) Raines (Raynes) on 2 Nov 1852 in Marshall Co. VA/WV, Book 1, page 72.  They moved to Putnam Co., WV where they died.
(Source: Marshall Co., WV Marriage Book, 1, p. 72 or 85)

EMIGRATION: Shortly after Joshua and Hester were married, Hester's parents moved back to Putnam County from Marshall County.  Joshua and Hester then moved to Putnam county because of Hester's desire to live near her parents.
(Source: The Parsons-Yoho Families and Allied Lines, Eloyce (Parsons) Trader, 1990. p. 12)

BURIAL: Joshua Garner died and is buried near Red House in Putnam Co., WV.
(Source: The Parsons-Yoho Families and Allied Lines, Eloyce (Parsons) Trader, 1990. p. 12)

BIOGRAPHY: Joshua Garner
Joshua Garner bought land from Henry and Catherine Yoho on Fish Creek, Marshall Co., WV in 1828.  The Joshua Garner farm was about a mile up the south side of Fish Creek from Lynn Camp.  Lynn Camp, Marshall Co., WV is twelve miles up Fish Creek from West Virginia Route 2.  The farm was the last farm on the road and was owned by a Mr. Crow as of 13 May 1981.

The Garner Cemetery is in a pasture field about three hundred feet from the road on the right, about half way between the last two houses.  The cemetery is unfenced, with four tombstones, all laying on the ground.  One old type stone, near a large tree, was broken into three pieces.  All identification had weathered away over the years, except an "M" on one edge and an "E" on the other edge.  About 1976, Ethel Briggs visited the cemetery and read the name "Mary" on it.  Ethel talked to Buena Ella Franklin, great-granddaughter of Joshua Garner and Mary Yoho.  At that time, Mrs. Franklin stated positively that this is the grave marker of Mary Yoho Garner.  The other three stones were for Harry L.D., son of C.E. and M.E. Young, 22 Feb 1890 - 1 Jun 1890; C.E. Young, 1839-1919; and Rebecca, wife of C.E. Young, 1829-1898.

Joshua Garner married second, Hester Workman Raynes, daughter of Benjamin Workman and Priscilla Doss, and the widow of Nathaniel Raynes.  Joshua and Hester lived in Putnam County, West Virginia as dis some of Joshua and Mary's children.  Joshua and Hester died in Putnam County and are buried in Old Bethel Cemetery on Eighteen Mile Creek.  There is a marker for Hester but only a foot stone with the initials, J.G., on it for Joshua.

Several Marshall County families migrated to Putnam County.  Among them were:
Peter Garner Yoho, Cains, Rutans, Kelly, Goddard, Hartley and Finch.
(Written by Denver C. Yoho)

BIOGRAPHY: The home of Joshua Garner is located about one mile up the creek from the Lynn Camp bridge, on the side of Fox's store. There is a little road and several families living on it, the Garner place being the last one. It is now out of the family and the original home burned. In a field a short distance from the house and near the road is a small family cemetery under a large tree. Since this area is not fenced the stones are broken by cattle. There are signs of several graves marked with fieldstones. One has part of the name Mary on it and the family say this is where Mary Yoho Garner was buried. Joshua is buried near Redhouse, Putnam Co as that is where he and Hester lived. He was married to Mary Yoho about 1804.
(Source: Tri-County Researcher, Pg 1678 - furnished by Vernon Anderson)

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4 November 2014

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