Thursday, September 4, 2014

Researcher Fact

I added a new Fact, that I created, to the Conger genealogy file.  The name of the fact is Researcher and it is abbreviated in my file as, Reschr.

When my genealogy program was PAF I entered the data tag, RESEARCHER: in the Note of anyone who was either a researcher or had a relationship with someone who was a researcher.

I used the RootsMagic search to find all of the RESEARCHER: tags in the Conger file and added the new Fact to the appropriate records.

Now anytime I am viewing the edit screen for a person with this Fact the abbreviation displays. When I print a descendant report RootsMagic prints out this phrase, which I created, when I added the new Fact.

"The record of John Doe lists genealogy researcher information."

I can also search on this Fact to find all of the researchers or create a Researcher List of all the researchers in the file (The Researcher List for the Conger file is five pages with one person listed per line of the report).

Dick Henthorn
4 September 2014

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