Sunday, December 6, 2009

Henthorn Genealogy Website on Google Sites

Today I am announcing the creation of the Henthorn Genealogy website on the free Google sites.

This is a private website. You must request permission to join. I must know you and I must know where your genealogy interests lie. In addition, you will have to register with Google to gain access. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. For example: if you have a Gmail account you are registered; if you use the Google blogger you are registered; or you can go thought the registration process when you try to access the website. This process isn't complicated but some may not want to associate with Google. It's a question of whether you are willing to register to gain access.

The first person, or two, to request access will need to bear with me as we both learn the steps in the registration process. I'd hoped to test the steps using a volunteer but that didn't come to pass.

Initially I am making available about fifty PDF files created from various reports over the years. The files reside in the File Cabinet. To access the index of PDF files, click on File Cabinet in the navigation area of the sidebar on the left. To learn more about PDF files click on About PDFs in the navigation area of the sidebar on the left.

Here's the URL for the website.

Henthorn Genealogy

In addition to launching this website I am announcing PDFWeek on the Henthorn Genealogy News blog. During the week I'll reveal information about the PDF files that are available on the new website. Assuming that I won't get too many requests I'm also offering to send any file as an Email attachment, provided I know the requester and their particular genealogy interest. I reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time, for any reason.

Let's see where this endeavor takes us.

Mr. Dickie

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