Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who Reads This Blog?

I wonder if there is a way to install a visitor counter on Google blogs? That could be very handy. Without a counter or some feedback there is no way to tell if anyone is reading what's posted on a blog.

If you visited, feel free to add a comment to let me know whether you found anything of interest. I'd appreciate the feedback.

I'm trying to encourage myself to get busy posting to the two Google genealogy blogs I created and the Google genealogy group I created.

Dick Henthorn


Mr. Dickie said...

The author reads his own blog. What a sad state of affairs.

Apple said...

I subscribed just before I left for vacation and am just now catching up on my blog feeds.

You might consider having your blog listed on Genealogy Blog Finder (link far right at the bottom) and at GeneaBloggers where they highlight blogs that are new to the group weekly. Tell 'em Apple sent you.

Mr. Dickie said...

Thanks Apple for the suggestions. I haven't followed through yet. I've been dealing with another computer disaster.

Also I finally understand more about using labels and need to make certain that about 300 postings on two genealogy blogs have labels.