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Ancestors of Samuel Godard and Eliza A. Fair

Ancestors of Samuel Godard and Eliza A. Fair

The Samuel Godard Letter

On 13 Nov 1899 Samuel Godard wrote a letter about his family.  Researcher, Linda (Goddard) Stout, obtained a copy of the document and converted it into eight typewritten pages on 27 Dec 1982.  In early March 2016, Bev Baker scanned the eight pages, with some hand-written notes, and shared them on Facebook.  Researcher, Richard E. Henthorn, spent several days working with the document to make certain he had all of the decipherable information in his genealogy file.

Researchers Who Shared Their Information

Anderson, T. Vernon
Baker, Bev
Baker, Lendal
Baker, Mrs. Leonard
Bininger, Virginia L. (Baker)
Briggs, Ethel L.
Carson, Earl
Fedorchak, Catherine (Foreaker)
Finnicum, Ada (Smith)
Godard, Samuel
Headlee, Alvah Washington
Henderson, James
Kennedy, Beverly
Lincicome, Glen Allan
Mason, V. Kay
Stanley, Clarice (Eller)
Stout, Linda (Goddard)
Yoho, Denver Clayton
Yoho, Gail V. (Cecil)
Yoho, Hugh Lemoyne
Yoho, James Robert & Vivian
Yoho, Sullivan Blair

Mr. Henthorn Shares Samuel Godard Ancestor Report

Until Saturday, 12 March 2016, Richard is sharing his 67-page ancestor PDF report for the family of Samuel Godard and Eliza A. Fair with anyone who encounters the link in this blog report.  The report includes: a name index and a place name index.  The report is stored on Richard's Box account and can be viewed and downloaded from there.  The report starts with McLean Goddard, one of the sons of Samuel and Eliza Godard.  Note that the son's of Samuel spelled their surname, Goddard.

To obtain a copy of the document after the cut-off date you will need to contact Mr. Henthorn directly.

Samuel Godard Report URL

Samuel Godard Report URL

Comments About Using Box

By default Box displays the document with its own quick PDF viewer which doesn't do a very good job of displaying the text, it's poorly formatted.  Don't let this discourage you.

There is a gray tool bar at the bottom of the viewer screen (move the mouse over the page if the tool bar doesn't display).  Click on the Printer icon and the Adobe Reader will display the document. If  you decide you want a copy of the document downloaded to your computer click on the Disc icon button in the upper right while viewing with the Adobe Reader. You will be asked to supply a Folder name and File name for the download and then click, Save.

Request For Corrections and Additions

As always, corrections and additions are welcome and appreciated.

Richard E. Henthorn
6 March 2016

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