Monday, February 23, 2015

Social Security Number Project

Today I finish the project to inclose all of the Social Security Numbers in the Notes of my Yoho file in curly brackets { }.  I spent eight days working on this project. 

In RootsMagic curly brackets are used to indicate information in the Notes that may or may not appear in output created by the program. 

There are three options for data surrounded by curly brackets:
  1. information may appear with the curly brackets
  2. information may appear without the curly brackets
  3. information surrounded by the curly brackets and the brackets do not appear
There have been several occasions in the past when someone objected to Social Security Numbers appearing in the output from my genealogy even though the information is for deceased people. From now on I will have the option of turning off the output of the Social Security Numbers.

BTW, have you ever considered why the federal government didn't require middle names  when opening a Social Security Account?  Wouldn't that have reduced the possibility of errors?

Dick Henthorn
23 February 2015

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