Monday, February 24, 2014

Adam and Susannah Henthorn - Descendant List

Adam and Susannah Henthorn - Descendant List

Today I'm announcing the completion of a project to recover the PAF 2.31 genealogy file of Adam and Susannah Henthorn and load it into RootsMagic6 on my laptop computer.

This file is named pafada on my computer and is listed as such in the capsule description associated with the My RootsMagic6 Files Tab at the top of the page on this blog.  The file consists of 6405 individuals in 2379 families.

I created a 16-page simple descendant list in PDF format to introduce five generations of the people in this file (more information is available to those willing to reciprocate) to include: Henthorn; Shaw; Riggenbach; Atkinson, Ollom and Gallaher.  The report includes an every name index.  I tried something new with this file.  I uploaded it to the HenthornFamily Wiki. You can find the document on the Henthorn page of the Wiki where it can be viewed or downloaded. Simply click on the PDF icon or the word "Download."

Dick Henthorn
24 February 2014

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