Monday, July 16, 2012

Wikis As A Genealogy Research Tool

Wikis As A Genealogy Research Tool

I think Wikis have lots of potential as genealogy tools.  I'm interested in investigating the topic.  

The most attractive feature of a Wiki, it seems to me, is that if the Wiki is public or open to invited members anyone can create or add to a page.  It's a way to collaborate in The Cloud.  Thus, it provides an open-ended way to share genealogy information, to post queries, to meet and bond with other people working on the same families.

Wiki Defined

Wiki defined on Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia.

Genealogy and Wikis

HenthornFamily Wiki On Wikispaces

I created the HenthornFamily Wiki on Wikispaces to get us started with the learning process.  This isn't "my" Wiki.  Rather, it is "our" Wiki.  It's a learning exercise.  It's an experiment.  It's a genealogy project.  We don't know how the experiment will turn out.  In reality it all depends on "you."  If visitors are willing to post and share information there's no telling how useful the Wiki might be.  Don't hesitate to get involved.  As long as you keep your postings civil (no flaming allowed) and don't post advertisements we all should get along fine.

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