Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RootsMagic Version 5

I started the learning process with RootsMagic5. My first impression - it's going to be somewhat nerve wracking and a challenge. The format of the displays and the control buttons is quite different from version 3 which I have used for several years.

I created a GEDCOM from a small, 83 person file, moved it from one computer to the other via Email, loaded it into RootsMagic5. I got it to work. This file should give me what I need to practice and learn. I'm confused about why I can't see the files with the Windows Explorer.

The Help file didn't really explain what steps I should use to move the data from one computer to the other.  They seemed to assume that I would upgrade from the old version to the version on the same computer.  Transferring the files with Gmail should work unless they exceed file size limits.

Time to take a break.
10 January 2011

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