Friday, January 28, 2011

Bible Genealogy

Warren W. Wiersbe writing about Bible genealogy in Chapter-By-Chapter Bible Commentary, p. 227 writes.

These names belong to real people who once lived on this earth. Now most of them are forgotten, their names buried in an ancient list. One day "you" will be a name in a record file somewhere. History may forget you, but heaven never will. ...

These names were written on earth because these people were born on earth. ...

These names belonged to what we would call "ordinary people." They were not all great men of faith like Abraham and David, but they all played a part in the working out of God's plan in this world. You may not consider yourself of consequence, but you are; every child of God has a place in God's heart and in His plan. Make yourself available to Him for the task He wants you to do, no matter how humble or unrecognized it may seem to you or to others.
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