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John Quinn & Sarah Henthorn

Summary of John QUINN - 1 May 2008

Name: John QUINN
Sex: Male
Father: James QUINN (abt 1740 - 29 Mar 1824)
Mother: Mary UNKNOWN (1758 - 22 Jan 1807)

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1745 , , Armagh, Ireland
Death abt 1830 (age 85) , Fairfield Co., OH

Marriage 2 Jul 1774 (age 29) Canonsburg, Washington Co., PA

James QUINN Rev. (1 Apr 1775 - 1 Dec 1847)
Matthew H. QUINN Rev. (abt 1780 - )
Isaac QUINN Dr. (2 Apr 1784 - 18 Oct 1843)
Sarah QUINN ( - )
Elizabeth QUINN ( - )
Moses QUINN (abt 1802 - )
Mary Ann QUINN ( - )

2. Unknown UNKNOWN
Children Abigail QUINN (abt 1793 - )
Rachel QUINN (abt 1794 - )
William M. P. QUINN Dr. (11 May 1796 - 2 Apr 1877)
Rebecca QUINN (9 Oct 1802 - 28 Feb 1886)
David P. QUINN (1806 - )
Samuel P. QUINN (abt 1810 - )
Anna Josephine QUINN ( - )

John Quinn

BIRTH-DEATH-CONFLICT: The age at death calculates to 107 years old if he died in 1852. The birth date of Abt. 1745 is questionable in light of the information about his parents and his listed death date.

EMIGRATION: He left County Armagh Ireland with his brother James in 1769. Both were single and the came to Chester Co., PA, where they met John Canon of East Nottingham Township. Canon persuaded them to accompany him and work for him, in 1772, when he was going to new land opened in southwestern Pennsylvania. This was near what became Canonsburg, now Chartiers Township, Washington County, PA.

SPOUSE: John Quinn was the 2nd husband of Sarah Henthorn.

RESIDENCES: John was listed in the 1782 tax list of the new Washington County, PA in Cecil township next to Peters Twp., where his brother lived. Cecil later became Chartiers Township. He was taxed for: 1 horse, 1 cow. By 1784 he had 230 acres. He is listed in the tax roles for the last time in 1785, the year he moved to Fayette County, PA.

John wanted to go to Kentucky, in 1785, but his wife objected, wanting to be near her family.

When John and Sarah Quinn moved to Uniontown, Fayette, PA, in 1785, the families of John Henthorn and his brother-in-law, David Jennings, were already there and leaders in the new Methodist church.

CHURCH_AFFILIATION: The Quinn children were baptized in 1786 at the time John and Sarah joined the Methodist church at Uniontown, PA.

EMIGRATION-RESIDENCES: After the death of Sarah, in April 1789, John left Fayette County, PA. He may be the John Quinn who got a land grant in Jefferson County, KY in June 1789. It is known that he remarried and had a son named David. There is no further record.
(Extracted from Henthorn/Bell)

COMMENT: There was a William Quinn who was a member of the Ohio Conference. In 1820, he was located in Union and in 1821 in Madison, Ohio. It is not clear whether this person was any relation to John Quinn or his sons who entered the Methodist ministry.

BIBLE: In the letter of Louisa M. Quinn of Casey, IL she mentions an old Bible "at Worth Quinn's in the country." Who was Worth Quinn and did the Bible survive?

DEATH-PROBATE: According to Sue Geiger there was a will filed for John Quinn in Fairfield County, Ohio on 22 Nov 1830. The executor was Moses Quinn. She said he was 28 years old at the time. Based on this information the birth date is calculated to Abt. 1830.

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